Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bargin of the day

I was in target yesterday and I had to grab these drining mocs. I know the web site lists them as on sale for $20.99, but at my store they were 75% off!! That's right, I paid $7.48 for them!!!!

cleaning tip of the day

Yesterday B decided to draw very lovely murals (in crayon) all over his wall, his sisters wall, and the playronm door. oh yeah, and the bottom of the train table. Never fear, if any of your little ones do this, Mr. Clean magic erasers will get rid of it in a jiffy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

T J Maxx

So I went yesterday to see if I saw anything good. Actually I saw way too much good!! I did get some new bras (that was a major need) and a cute lime green swim coverup that was marked down to $7.00!! Now the rest of what i am about to mention I could not decide on, but I think I am going back today or tomorrow. I saw the Lilly tunics Tickled Pink and Green posted about. They are so cute and you can't beat the price. I couldn't decide between the pink and the blue and I am now sure I want the pink. They also had tons of super cute wellies for 19.95. One set had whales on them!! yay I have been wanting whale wellies. I was in the wallet section and I got soo excited because I saw a snall red Lacoste item. I thought it was a wristlet for 19.99 and then I realized it was a fanny pack, so I put it back. They also had these really cute quilted cotton gift sets that had a tray, 2 sizes makeup bags, a coin purse and a luggage tag for $12.00! the colors would blend perfectly with my Vera Bradley Kensington stuff.

Speaking of Vera Bradley, I had heard about some of the VB paper products being at TJ's and Homegoods. None at TJs but i went next door to Homegoods and they had natucket navy message boards for $14.99!

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy 4th of July

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Day!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ok , I was tagged by Prep In the Country to tell about my idea staycation (stay at home vacation). Since we have actually done these a few times, it was not too hard. I would probably break it into 2 sections. First part of the week with kids, second part, just us. With the kids we would do a few things around here like the zoo or one of the parks. We just got a large inflatable pool for the backyard, so we could spend some time in there and grilling. We also love to take (and they love it too) the kids to the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge. The lOVE the train room and the life size dollhouse. We might go to the aquariam in Chattanooga one day and of course we would have to do Dollywood. I would like to have a couple of days at the end of the week where the MR and I could get away and maybe spend the night in Gatlinburg and eat at a nice resturant. of course we could go to the outlets up there too. I love,love,love the melting pot and if we could get a sitter and go there it would be awesome!! There you have it.
I tag Tickled Pink and Green, Preppy Pink Crocodile, and Madras Matters