Friday, October 10, 2008

Talbots kids sale

I just scored this for little miss L for a grand total of $9.47!!

Lands End- How I love thee...

Here is what all I have to have from LE this season:
And I would love for my bed to look like this at Christmas!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love it when target knocks off Pottery Barn!

Its no secret I love Pottery Barn, but they can be so darn expensive! I was in love with all the black and silver halloween stuff they had and I flipped when I saw target has almost the same stuff! Here are some examples: Target

Now Pottery Barn:

Halloween is almost here!

I know I have not posted in ages! I will try to do some catching up!

I recieved my wicked swap package from my awesome partner Some Like it Southern!! Thanks so much and I hope yours has made it to you! Would post pics but camera is being awful again. Guess what I want for Christmas?? Here is a write up though
W- wine glass charms
I-incredibly cute candle
C-candy apple kit
K-kitchen towel
E-edible pumpkins
D-delicious hot chocolate
It was all packaged so cute and she sent 2 halloween flashlights for the kiddos, which they love by the way!